Amour Fane’..(Faded Love)





-“If you don’t love me,there’s no need..”,Claire-

How hard it is to erase you from my mind?

The inner memories kept on reminding me,

Bringing up the sweet images and feelings..

Back in the old days,

About you and me,

Again and again.


The closer you are,

The more difficult it is for me,

Don’t you understand the feelings that were left behind,

is still there for me?

I still has the wound and scars in my heart

that’s been given by you..

And it still bleeds and never seems to heal at all,

Even after a long time of healing and recovery,

I am trying so hard to get rid of it..

But,the more i try,

The harder you are trying to get hold of it..


All my old wound and scars seems to bleed profusely,

At the sight of your face,

At every sound of your voice,

It cracks into tiny fragments,

At every warm embraces and

your little innocence besitos.


Do you not feel any guilt towards your new love?

That you still keep it on,

If you don’t love me,

Please stop caring for me..

Don’t ever be nice to me..

If you don’t love me anymore,

Don’t be so worried and concern about me..

If you don’t love me,

Please don’t do anything for me..

Because this heart of mine,

Is still vulnerable and easily swayed..

By your kind character and compassion,

If you don’t love me,

Don’t even call me,

And ask if i’m alright or not..

Without you by my side.

Because i’m not fine at all..


My heart is in turmoil..

The day i heard you’re going to be hers forever,

So,i kept on begging and pleads..

To you,

To keep me with you and never leave me for her.

But,instead of hearing what i hope you would say,

You just carelessly said that,

You don’t love me anymore,

And i am not worthy of your love,

Because she deserves you more..

Than me,

who turns out to be,

A stop along your journey towards love.



After all that,

You doesn’t want to let me go just yet…

Because,just because..

I’m still deeply in love with you,

it doesn’t change anything between us..

What’s over is over,

and we need to keep moving forward,

No matter what you’re after,

In the end,

I just wanted you to know that,

You will never get it back..

Because it has been long gone,

And i don’t want to be yours anymore.


Once is enough..

Once is more than what i wanted..

Once in a lifetime with you..

Had cost me my dreams,hope,faith,and love..

To be all broken and lost somewhere along the lines

of Love and Sorrow..

So,just let me go..

Once and for all.


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