It’s like i’ll disappear as soon as i close my eyes:

It feels as if i’ve turned into someone that i don’t even recognize anymore,

Sadly,i’ve become so small…

I want to be rescued,but instead of sighing and crying,

I swallowed up my loneliness and just lay here,measuring and wrapping myself in all these thoughts.

Amidst all this..

The passing time seems to have gone dry..

My heart is drowning and writhing,

These lies and visions that makes me dizzy,

So,i took them and tore it all up..

And,with that..

I became lost and engulfed,

In a world of thin darkness.

For the sake of those whom i love and care for,

I chose to come here…

A cage into which i’ve locked myself up,

And now…

There’s no escape.

Deep inside my parched throat,

Lies the reason for this growing impermanence..

Scared of the approaching tomorrow,

I cower and collapse…

But,it seeks me out and whispers to me,

This voice from the thin darkness.

Amidst this drop of time gone dry,

My heart is in turmoil and wepts..

Wrapped up in all these crazy thoughts and insanity..

So,i tore it all up into the cold night air,

And with that,

I became lost,

Once again…

In this world of thin darkness.Image


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