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Film Review – 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

awesome!!!!i just love 300!!!:)

Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys)

300: Rise of an Empire

Title – 300: Rise of an Empire (2014)

Director – Noam Murro (Smart People)

Cast – Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Callan Mulvey, Hans Matheson, David Wenham, Rodrigo Santoro

Plot – Set both before, during and after the mighty battle of the 300 Spartans, Rise of an Empire focuses its golden tinged gaze onto the mighty Themistocles (Stapleton) and his daring battles against the bent on blood Artemisia (Green) as her Persian army looks to burn Greece to the ground.

“Better we show them, we chose to die on our feet, rather than live on our knees”

Review by Eddie on 7/03/2014

While Zack Snyder’s 2006 blood soaked, sun drenched, slo-mo ab fest 300 is in no way a narrative masterpiece there is little doubt about it’s pure visceral entertainment value, a fact highlighted by its huge box office booty and a legion of fans that to this day…

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Amour Fane’..(Faded Love)





-“If you don’t love me,there’s no need..”,Claire-

How hard it is to erase you from my mind?

The inner memories kept on reminding me,

Bringing up the sweet images and feelings..

Back in the old days,

About you and me,

Again and again.


The closer you are,

The more difficult it is for me,

Don’t you understand the feelings that were left behind,

is still there for me?

I still has the wound and scars in my heart

that’s been given by you..

And it still bleeds and never seems to heal at all,

Even after a long time of healing and recovery,

I am trying so hard to get rid of it..

But,the more i try,

The harder you are trying to get hold of it..


All my old wound and scars seems to bleed profusely,

At the sight of your face,

At every sound of your voice,

It cracks into tiny fragments,

At every warm embraces and

your little innocence besitos.


Do you not feel any guilt towards your new love?

That you still keep it on,

If you don’t love me,

Please stop caring for me..

Don’t ever be nice to me..

If you don’t love me anymore,

Don’t be so worried and concern about me..

If you don’t love me,

Please don’t do anything for me..

Because this heart of mine,

Is still vulnerable and easily swayed..

By your kind character and compassion,

If you don’t love me,

Don’t even call me,

And ask if i’m alright or not..

Without you by my side.

Because i’m not fine at all..


My heart is in turmoil..

The day i heard you’re going to be hers forever,

So,i kept on begging and pleads..

To you,

To keep me with you and never leave me for her.

But,instead of hearing what i hope you would say,

You just carelessly said that,

You don’t love me anymore,

And i am not worthy of your love,

Because she deserves you more..

Than me,

who turns out to be,

A stop along your journey towards love.



After all that,

You doesn’t want to let me go just yet…

Because,just because..

I’m still deeply in love with you,

it doesn’t change anything between us..

What’s over is over,

and we need to keep moving forward,

No matter what you’re after,

In the end,

I just wanted you to know that,

You will never get it back..

Because it has been long gone,

And i don’t want to be yours anymore.


Once is enough..

Once is more than what i wanted..

Once in a lifetime with you..

Had cost me my dreams,hope,faith,and love..

To be all broken and lost somewhere along the lines

of Love and Sorrow..

So,just let me go..

Once and for all.


Of Chocolates,Cats and Guys..


Yes,that’s right ladies and gentleman.Need.We need all those things mentioned above.And why do you ask me?Well,let’s see..

         Firstly,Chocolates symbolizes Guilty Pleasures or also known as the things that we like to indulge ourselves in but is bad for our health when taken in a large amount continuously.In our life aspects,it can exist in the form of drugs,food,sex,and etc.Too much is not good yet too little of it wouldn’t satisfy you either,so you have to take it moderately.The more you wants it,the weaker you become.And in this age,we wouldn’t want that to happen right?So,instead of sighing and weeping about your sad fate because your other half left you for someone else,or get fired from the job that you loves the most.DON’T!I mean DON’T ever think of going home n shelter yourselves in your room and keep on stuffing yourself with all those bad junk-food n sweets and ice-creams.Instead,you should keep your heads up because you have give your best and yet,bad things still happens.It’s ok,nobody blames you or hates you for it.Just love and learn to forgive yourself first rather thsn keep on blaming,punishing and tormenting yourself with all these crazy thoughts.Try to go out and socialize more with other people,discover new people,try new kind of food,do what you always want without second thoughts and just live your life fully like today is your last day on Earth.Be spontaneous and kinder than you used to be,be more compassion and passionate than before.Because you,yourself,and only you is worth it.Believe in it and do it and you will achieve something far greater.

                       Cats is one interesting companion to kept by our side.We loves them with all our heart and will take care of it more than we will take care of ourselves(ehemm,this applies to the females only,i guess?LOL).It is also because cat’s represents Memories and Longing that we have all these time.Since we can’t seem to get it or find it anywhere else eventhough we continuously and tirelessly search for it.So,we settle ourselves for something simple and way more cuter like cats since they are always cute,cuddly,docile and toilet-trained until it’s making us think that we don’t need everythin else except for our precious cats to filled our empth and endless sorrowful days.But,what we should really do is find other source of happiness to channels our inner energy and broken hearted minds into something that really productive and gets us something worth for like money for example.We can like,starts our own business or company,open up a new restaurant or fancy cafe or do more charity works.The key to this is we have to find our hidden talent and things that we love and longs to do and be since long time ago but could never be fulfilled in the past.Believe me,if you could dream it,you could make it real.

                 We have now came to the most critical and fearful aspects in this topic.GUYS.BOYS.MEN.Call them whatever you like but let me tell you,these creatures is one dangerous thing indeed.It is poisonous,yet can be very docile and sweet at times.When they’re angry or mad at you for something or someone,they can be very very ferocious,but you can’t help yourself from loving them because of their charming features and deception it brings.LOVE is DESOLATION.LOVE is also SWEET.Either or,once we engulfed and deeply involved with these creatures,we will be doomed for sure(in a good and bad way).Because for most of us Girls,and Womens,they represents everything in our life.Need,Love,Affection,Tenderness,Lust,Hate,Anger,Deception,Poison,Antidote,Vandetta,Happiness and many others that us females wants and longs for.And these Guys fills these needs and criteria perfectly.Yet,they have often become our reason for destruction,broken hearts,shattered dreams,faded hope,empty love and mostly the reason for our rebellious behaviour because of our loving nature of wanting to protect something that’s sacred to our heart.Oh boy,i know this feeling well.Deep longings,Missing like Death and other exaggerated words and feelings(i know it’s too much,but i can’t help,please bear with me).

                After a certain period of weeping and depression and rain-like tears,we would always end up as a more new,better,improved,prettier,wiser,maturer,independent,kinder,passionate,compassionate,in every way that w could never imagine of.Because that’s what life is all about.Just like what Ernest Hemingway used to said “we are all broken,that’s how the light gets in”.In order for us to achieve the ultimate happiness,we have to be broken and shattered into pieces so  that we can rebuild ourselves the way we wanted it to be.In this journey called LIFE,we will learned a lot about LOVE when we LOST it and we will learned a lot about being a FRIEND when we was all ALONE.Its ok,don’t be afraid because those who seems the hardest to love and accepts love,needs it the MOST.Sometimes,the very thing that we’re most afraid of doing is the one that could sets us free.Because every girls should remember that we doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need us.Yet,even as i’m thinking about this,i could never deny this truth that’s been lingering in my mind for quite sometimes that’s can be translated from Shakespeare quotes in Romeo and Juliet,”My bounty is as boundless as the sea,My love as deep;the more i give to thee,The more i have,for both are Infinite”.The only thing in this world that could never be killed is LOVE itself,even if you lost it now,we can always find it back sooner or later.Don’t worry and just stay true to yourself and your TRUE LOVE will come flying to your side.BELIEVE AND HOPE AND DREAMED ON because these are the reasons we keep on going. 




It’s like i’ll disappear as soon as i close my eyes:

It feels as if i’ve turned into someone that i don’t even recognize anymore,

Sadly,i’ve become so small…

I want to be rescued,but instead of sighing and crying,

I swallowed up my loneliness and just lay here,measuring and wrapping myself in all these thoughts.

Amidst all this..

The passing time seems to have gone dry..

My heart is drowning and writhing,

These lies and visions that makes me dizzy,

So,i took them and tore it all up..

And,with that..

I became lost and engulfed,

In a world of thin darkness.

For the sake of those whom i love and care for,

I chose to come here…

A cage into which i’ve locked myself up,

And now…

There’s no escape.

Deep inside my parched throat,

Lies the reason for this growing impermanence..

Scared of the approaching tomorrow,

I cower and collapse…

But,it seeks me out and whispers to me,

This voice from the thin darkness.

Amidst this drop of time gone dry,

My heart is in turmoil and wepts..

Wrapped up in all these crazy thoughts and insanity..

So,i tore it all up into the cold night air,

And with that,

I became lost,

Once again…

In this world of thin darkness.Image

Best Dressed Ladies at the Oscars Over the Years

Funk's House of Geekery

One of the many exciting aspects of the Academy Awards is the fashion and here I present to you the Best Dressed lady from each year of the Academy Awards.

1929: Mary Pickford


1930: Norma Shearer


1931: Marie Dressler


1932: Helen Hayes


1934: Elsa Lanchester


1935: Norma Shearer


1936: Bette Davis

Bette Davis at the 1935 (8th) Academy Awards banquet.

1937: Luise Rainer


1938: Janet Gaynor


1939: Bette Davis


1940: Vivian Leigh


1941: Ginger Rogers


1942: Joan Fontaine


1943: Greer Garson


1944: Katina Paxinou

Katina Paxinou

1945: Ingrid Bergman


1946: Ginger Rogers


1947: Olivia de Havilland


1948: Loretta Young


1949: Jeanne Crain


1950: Mercedes Mccambridge


1951: Marilyn Monroe


1952: Lauren Bacall


1953: Elizabeth Taylor


1954: Audrey Hepburn in Givenchy


1955: Grace Kelly in Edith Head


1956: Grace Kelly


1957: Elizabeth Taylor


1958: Miyoshi Umeki

Miyoshi Umeki

1959: Susan Hayward


1960: Doris Day


1961: Elizabeth Taylor


1962: Natalie Wood


1963 Sophia Loren


1964: Anne Bacroft


1965: Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and Julie Andrews with Oscar

1966: Julie Christie


1967: Elizabeth Taylor


1968: Audrey Hepburn


1969: Barbara Streisand


1970: Elizabeth…

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