The Child In Me..


When we were young,

We’d be crying and crying all day long..

Until we’d smile,

And feels happy again.

Now that we’ve all grown-up,

We’d be smile and smile all day long..

Until we’d cry..

And feels sad again.

Oh,how fast time flies!

How i miss those times when..

Candies and toys are our favourite things,

Instead of all these luxury clothes and branded bags,

Our heart is as white as the silken thread,

With nothing to be concerned and fuss with..

Only knows LOVE and KINDNESS.

Scattered dreams,

One after another,

Though our heart’s in pain..

We must keep smiling,

To hide all our sorrows deep in our heart.

People always love to say,

“Look how fast you’ve grown..”,

“Now that you’re a women,you have to stop living in your fantasy world..,”

“There’s no time for daydream..get a grip of yourself and start behaving like an adult!”,

So,i’ve learnt how to put those horrible make-up that i used to loathe so much back on 

those days..

What’s the use of it anyway?

What exactly that i want to cover from?

At first lesson,

I’ve learnt how to be silent,

Then,the way to read other people’s mind,

I’ll soon forget my former-self..

The real me..

The innocent me..

The pure me..

The kind me..

Where did it goes?

I’m scared that i’ll get used with all these unhappy feelings,

There’s a child in me that’s pretending to be an adult,

Everybody wanted her to be.

At first,it was all sweet and exciting..

As time goes,

My eyes have gotten all wet.

Left at a standstill,

Uneasy and dejected..

There are no thunderstorms outside..

So,where are the rainbows?

Being able to comfort myself,

Is a lesson that i’ve learnt from experiences,

That i experienced through all these years.

I don’t know if i’m becoming more leniant and

easy-going as time flies..

Or could it be..

That i’m slowly losing grip on my own principles,

That i’ve strongly held on too..

All along.

There’s a child in my heart..

Very stubborn since the day she was born,

Curious about too much and did too many reckless things.

There’s a child in my heart,

Who often prays for Angels to exist,

So that she could borrow herself a pair of fluffy wings,

To escape from reality.

Couldn’t even bear the sight of herself in the mirror,

And looking at those sparkling tears falling down endlessly..

When you told me,

On that very day,

To stop being such a child and grow up..

I couldn’t help but to feel so helpless..

By hearing all those words,

That’s easily expressed and forgotten..

By you.

Without realizing,

My eyes are raining…

At the end of the day,

You finally realised your mistakes and came running back to me,

Begging for forgiveness.


It was too late,

For,this child that you loathe so much..

Is much stronger than you think she is..

And much more dependant than you think she could be.

Just save all your meaningless apologies,

Coaxing words,

Sweet protection,

Warm embraces,

Soft kisses,

Tender love,

To yourself.


This little child in my heart,

Can tell by herself,

The right time to let go..

Or hang on..

When her person,

Doesn’t love her and no longer need and want

All of her.

It’s ok if you want to leave,

Just go and don’t ever look back,

I will be fine,i promise..

Don’t even bother to remember me too,

For,i know my place,

And i know that i’m not someone’s that worth to be remembered..

It’s ok,

I’m not mad or upset at you,

Never has..

I’m already used of being lonely and worthless,

They are my best friends anyway..

It doesn’t bothers me at all..

Its ok,

Everything is fine..

I am ME,

You will always be YOU,

As long as i have that little child close to my heart,

I can bear even the deepest wound,

Longer sufferings,

Strongest poison,

Sharpest words that cuts through like a sword..


My love will always remain,

Hidden somewhere along the lines of pain and depressions..Image


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