Someone’s Else Eternal Love..


Once they fly away,

They extinguish all the dragging desires;

As i smiled by,

The sourness of love and hate slowly..

Becomes a sweet poison spreading through my mind.

Opening a jar filled with grain of tears,

Blown by the wind,

So rapidly,

Shaking and pushing away..

Leaving one person planting the seed of loneliness.

Just a little shake and the dim lights of these old lamp,

Seems like a fireflies from afar.

Leaving all my hope and dreams in the cold wind,

To that day when you told me,

That you don’t love me enough..

Not even enough to last through all eternity.

What you wanted is only to live and love,


That love you so much longed for,

Is not me.

After all these years..

That we spent together..

You stole and torned my hearts into pieces..

Is my love not enough?

What did i do wrong?

What else is there to give?

When i’ve given you all of me..


It was never enough for you.

Wasted and abandoned..

All these tender wanderings and feelings that i’ve harbored for you.

I am so envious and hates the cruel fact that..

It was the other person’s that has stolen your heart away from mine..

And i was left all broken and helpless in this sinking ship

that once sailed along the so-called Ocean of Love..

Why don’t you chased after me,

Like you always did before,

Is it because of her?

That has turned you into a different person

From the real you that i’ve known all along.

Until it costs me,

The price of my happiness,

My Eternal Love,

That has now turned into..

Someone’s Else Eternal Love.

My feelings for you..

Have vanished quietly,

Like the cold gust of wind.

Now that i’ve lost everything..

This lifetime seems draggy and sad.Image


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