These Words of Separation..


You are sorry for leaving me,

As you bring up these words of separation..

Rather than love,i want to have this yearning,

In my worthless life,

I am blessed that you’re willing to come near.

Until i see your back as you leave,

Being like this makes me happy.

Are you going to say,”let’s break-up?”,

I’m not at all prepared,

What should i do?

I know the fact that we are parting ways,

Surely this is not the end..

Why does it comes so unexpectedly?

Like the first time i met you.

Because i know you,

Because i hugged you,

Days pass as i dream,

It turns out,only in my memories that you let me in your heart..

In my dark life,

You came out of nowhere and found me through that radiant light of yours..

And let me believe once more,

in that thing called ‘LOVE’ again.


Can you keep all these thoughts of separation to yourself?

At least for now..

For i am in no condition is prepared with losing you,

My one and only MOON..

That has been guiding and shines my way,

Since that faithful day..

I’m begging you,

Please don’t leave me..Image


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