If You Love Me..



If you love me,

Please love me secretly,

You can’t give me this responsibility..

For i,already have another person in my heart.

There is no place for you to live,

Even in the deepest corner of my heart,

There is no way which you’ll be able to take a stand..

My advice to you,

Please distance yourself from me,

Hardly a day,

No matter how hard it may be,


Don’t love me like a fool.

Everyday i dreamt,

To have HIM all for myself,

Even if i had to sell my life,

I would do it all over again,

Because of HIM.

Always being out of sync is my destiny,

So,please turn aside from me..

The person whom i love,

That person clearly is not you.

Eventhough it’s killin me inside..

I knew this road i’m walkin right now

is the Path of Grief.

And i can see the sadness in this path..

But,i can’t do this anymore,

I can’t never go with you,

Same goes with my heart.

Because in my dreams,

He’s always there,

Smiling and looking at me,

With that sad eyes of His,

Taking my heart and soul away

everytime,everyday,always has,always will.


Don’t love me anymore,

Stop loving me like a fool,

For,it won’t bring you any good,

Please accept the fact that

I’m not yours to keep.

You’ll find someone better than me,

I know that,

Because i’ll always pray and wish for your happiness,

Truly and sincerely,

As a friend,not more,not less.

Stop worrying about my life,

And start living yours,

And keep in your mind that,

I am not ALONE,

Even if it might seems like it,


As long as HIS memories is with me here

in my heart,in my mind,in my soul,in my thoughts,in my actions

I will always remain as HIS lover,HIS companion,HIS soulmate,

HIS partner-in-crime,HIS Queen,HIS heart,HIS life,HIS strength,

HIS good side,HIS bad side,HIS wife and HIS everything.

For HE is the one and only 4 me,

If it’s not HIM,i won’t be able to accept anyone else.

And for that,

I am sorry.Image




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