We Don’t Have Together


That park we always played at was no longer there;

Still remember those days,they flew by as we swung on the swings;

Sun rays ran across our faces on that lazy afternoon;

I really miss that silliness of yours.

The little you didn’t know how to sigh then;

Who would have thought that they would call me Queen now..

Your laugh didn’t change a single bit;

Now that time has passed,who is still waiting?

Someone forgot to add sugar in this cup of coffee..

I am really not that sentimental;

The world is complicated,

And you say simplicity is hard to come by..

Of course i understand.

But there was only you who waited for me at the place where it all began..

Only you seems to understand that the dream i dreamt of was never big.

Eventhough we are not together,

At least we can still be like lovers,

Because i always cried the hardest in front of you when i was hurt,crazy,and wounded.

I knew that even if you can’t bring me back to that place anymore,

You say you are fine now and like the long memories to stay as memories.

Eventhough we are not together anymore,

At least we can still be like a family,

Always caring and sharing from afar.

The path we were walking on always led to home,

Two swinging hands that held together and couldn’t let go.

You probably didn’t knew it back then,

About what the little girl been thinking afterwards,

That she’ll just follow you wherever the path leads us to.

I used to think that feeling is no longer there,

But why do i always find myself back to 15 years ago

everytime i saw you?

Only now i finally realised..

That feelings of mine has never fade away,

Its only hidden deep inside my heart.

It’s ok if we can’t be together,

No worries,no regrets,

For that’s what life is all about.

Eventhough we are not meant to be together,

At least we can still be friends,

From a distance,your concerns and love for me

will actually last longer.Image


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