It Feels Like…


Even after all these years,

I still remember..

Every touch,

Every flower,

Every gifts,

Every words,

You ever said.

I remember how we gaze at each other the very first time we met,

It was so long ago,

Yet,i could never seem to get over it,

I remember every smile,

Every letter,

Every embraces,

and every kiss,

you ever gave to me.

Not to forget,

All of your promises of giving me all the 

happiness in this world,

How’d we talk about our hopes and dreams like 

there’s no tomorrow,

You always said you would be there for me,

every step of the way.

But when i’ve fallen on my knees,

Broken and shattered into pieces,

I don’t think you ever give a damn about me!

And it feels like…

We’re runnin out of time,

And it feels like,

I’m the last thing on your mind.

Ooohh,i can still touch your skin,

I can hear you breathe,

In the dark,

I can see you lookin at me..

Baby,will you tell me what’s wrong?

Cause it feels like…

You already gone.Image


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