Third Time’s a Charm

Wings of Paper

Three Strikes- Three Hiccups

There was one,
He started it all
But all things fade
After many years
Did he fall.

 Then there was a second
Wild as his brother and the mountain
Where he was left

Then he returned, a peace became betrayal
Hope was death, and then the second fell.

 Then there was a third
And he still stands
But all the chaos was passed his way

And on Tomorrow, only he can fix it
But he only has ONE MORE DAY.

(Yay. Have some crummy How to Train Your Dragon Poetry by me! Haha. Geeze this picture took a long time, but here. Have a paraphrased timeline of the three Hiccups. If you’re wondering: Why three? Then for heaven’s sake go read the books, or I won’t know what to do with you.)

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