The Saturday Six: Dear…Sincerely

Before the internet, the age of stationery ruled.

*Cue nerd in a Game of Thrones costume: “AND it was a GLORIOUS age!”*

What is stationery you ask?

Well, in the olden days, we are talking like sometime between when Jesus walked the Earth and up to around 1983 or so, most people relied on Number 2 pencils and neatly cut squares of paper called stationary to communicate with each other. Stationery would come in many sizes and colors. You could have stationary accessories like pens, pencils, ribbons, stamps, pencil holders, paper clips, erasers, stickers, scratch-n-sniff stickers, gold foiled stickers…um…anyway, you get the idea.

(Stickers rule!)

You would jot down or type your thoughts, ideas, concerns, desires, or pornographic doodles on these archaic forms of media, then seal them in envelopes and pay someone 35 cents to truck them across the country to their destinations.

It was polite to open your…

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