The Cover Wars: Romance [LGBTQ] Edition

The Book Wars

I considered mixing the LGBTQ romance ones with the previous two editions, but then I noticed how different these covers were in comparison to the others. I am not talking about the “adult” ones. I mean YA LGBTQ stuff. (It is tough to make that distinction sometimes.) Because they are. Different, I mean. For instance, my brief trawl on Goodreads indicates that LGBTQ books for teens are less likely to feature a couple on the cover. I wonder why? Also, way fewer F/F relationships in the new releases section (when compared to the M/M couples). Anyway, onwards!


1. Not Broken, Just Bent by Mia Kerick


Yash: Well, I suppose the title is a gigantic hint. It also implies something tragic. And I don’t want to do tragic. I also have to admit that despite my no-real-people-on-covers rule … this guy’s face is pretty intense/captivating. It’s the eyes…

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