She Will Be…

Beauty queen of only 20,she had some troubles with herself;

He was always there to help her..yet she always belong to someone else..

I drove from miles and miles and i found myself sitting in front of your door;

I’ve had you so many times,but somehow i can’t seem to be satisfied..

I don’t mind spendin everyday..

Out in the dusty corner or in the pouring rain..

Finally found the right girl for me..

But she is one torned apart soul  and her smile seems to be broken..

Ask her if she wants to stay with me?

To be loved an cherished;

For,she will…be loved;

Yes,she will..

I always hoping and praying that you would come and tap on my door 

like the way you used to do..

I know that we tend to get so insecure when we are together;

But that doesn’t matter anymore…

Its not always rainbows and butterflies..

Its faith that moves us along;

My heart is calling,my doors always open..

For you to come back anytime you want..

She will be loved..

Eventhough she always tellin everyone she’s all alright;

I know deep inside she’s NOT FINE AT ALL..

Because i know where she always hide,alone in her room..

And no other things that could make you who you are..

Even i know that all of our goodbye means nothin at all..

And eventhough you still strongly deny this fact…

I don’t give a damn anymore..

I will stay and fight for you..

No matter what happens in the future..

I will be right beside you to catch you everytime you falls;

No more runnin because SHE is worth it..

That girl i saw out  in the pouring rain..

Tryin to catch a bus..

With a broken smile and a strong yet rebellious attitude of a fighter..

A small girl that didn’t know the meaning of love…yet..

That naive and sweet girl of mine..

I will love you..

Over and over..

And i could never grow tired of doing it because..

You’re the only best thing in my life..

I could never be ME without YOU..

You always and still are bringin the best out of me..

That would always makes me continue to striving forward..

Just so you know,i was also a broken guy at that point of time..

That’s why i can spot you from miles away..

Because my broken heart has finally found its other half..

Don’t be afraid,

Don’t be shocked,

Don’t ever close your heart..

Know this that you are worth it..

I know that and that’s that..

Yet,if you still find this hard to believe..

All i know is i will show you..

That you WILL be loved..ALWAYS

Never doubt that..

Still hesitates?

Try scrollin down…yeah…

Are you here?

Is that you?

Haha..,the girl with the red dress..

This is about YOU,you know..

All these and ALL OF ME,

I’ve been savin myself all this while for YOU..

My one and only ‘SHE’..

SHE will be loved!!

By HIM..aka ME!!!

I will..

4ever and always,all the time,everytime..everyday,

every step of the way..

This love will never dies..



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