Let Me Go..

One more kiss could be the best thing;

One more lies could be the worst..

All these thoughts are never resting..

And you’re not something i deserve..

In my head,there’s only you now..

This will falls on me..

In this world,there’s real and make-believe..

But this seems real to me.

You love me but you don’t know who i am;

I’m torn between this life i lead and where i stand..

So just let me go..

Let me go.

I dreamed ahead to what i hope for..

And i turn my back on loving you..

How can these love be a good thing?

When i know too well what’s waiting for me ahead…

But,when all these things falls apart,

No matter how hard i try and you will be the only one who knows best..

You love me but you don’t..

You love but you don’t know me…

So let me go..

Just let me go.


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