John Watson for the 21st Century

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When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle gave his famous sleuth, Sherlock Holmes a sidekick, he created a tough as nails physician who had the courage and experience to be the friend and moral compass the detective desperately needed. Unfortunately when Sherlock Holmes was to the big screen this noble assistant was made into a buffoon for comedy relief and that is the image that has stuck to Dr. John Watson ever since in the minds of those who never read the source material. But with Sherlock and Watson being brought into the twenty first century a change has happened with the character, John Watson has shifted back to being the tough as nails hero that Doyle intended him to be. Thanks to brilliant recent portrayals by gifted actors; Jude Law and Martin Freeman onscreen, the character has evolved and public perception of him has changed.

Jude Law

Both in Sherlock and…

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