031I used to wonder about what will i be when i grow up??Will i be successful?Will i be rich?Will i get what i wanted or only what i needed?What kind of person would i turn out to be like?Will i be the gentle and caring women i long to be or will i turn my back and become the cruelest person in the world that i once was afraid of when i was a kid?Will i be loved and give loves?Will i found my soulmate?Will i be a good servant to the God?Will i be a good daughter?Will i be a good sister?Will i be a good grand-daughter?Will i be a good friend?Will i be a good lover?Will i be a good wife?Will i be a good mother?Will i be a good grandmother?Will i die in peace?Will i live my life happily?Will i…Will i…

That was the same questions that i asked myself over and over again all this while.Yet,i couldn’t seem to find the answer.I still remember when i was 5,my ambition is to be a doctor for a doctor’s job is to save lives and me,being the ‘naive’ and ‘innocent’ yet ‘pure-hearted’ girl i was,chose to be a doctor because for some reason at that point of time,i think that a doctor is a God because they can save people lives and how cool is that huh?So,there you go,a FUTURE DOCTOR is in the making(at least that’s what i thought)

    Yet,when i was 10,the same question was asked again by the teacher and once again,i still answered ‘DOCTOR’.But this time my feelings is no longer there.It seems like i’m not the same me from 5 years ago.I no longer think that a doctor is a God since i’m older and i just discovered that a doctor is just a normal human being like you and me.A mere mortal in this world called Earth.They will die too,so they can’t be God right?There goes my innocent and sweet dreams of becoming a doctor.Haha.

Then again,when i was 17,the same question was asked by the teacher and i answered confidently,’I WANT TO BE A LAWYER’.For when i think about it,i answered ‘Lawyer’ because of all the drama and serials i watched during my teenage years like ‘Damages’,’Law and Order’,’The Practice’,’Ally Mcbeal'(my fav!),’The Good Wife’,’The Silence of The Lamb’,’Hannibal Lecter'(ooohhh) and my latest addiction, ‘Suits'(faints)..It was so damn awesome and intense with all that drama and crimes going on,in the heat of a trial inside the court,the privilege of being know as a lawyer and working in a big and successful legal firm,the difficult and intriguing cases and clients,the beauty of defending the innocent ones or maybe worse yet,the criminal themselves??But i do admit my choice of job this time is pretty darn awesome and it comes with a high salary too.Soo,yippee…Hihi

Now that i turned 21(the lucky 21,hopefully),i found myself still wanting and in my way of pursuing a Law degree,and i’m still feeling all hyped-up and excited everytime i hear the word ‘law’..I dont know myself what’s going on with myself,but one thing i know i always love love and loves reading history books,crime novel,poetry collections,Hemingways books(he’s like my ultimate fav author!),F.Scott Fitzgerald,Maya Angelou,Edgar Allan Poe,Hawthorne,Mark Twain,Shakespeare,Emily Dickinson,Jane Austen,and my latest addiction in this era the ever sweet and talented Lang leav with her latest book called ‘Love and Misadventure’.It really is one of a kind poetry collections that will guaranteed to take your breath away.For,Lang leav style of writing is so deep yet easy to understand and it gets you right to your soul that you would want to read it over and over again.Ok,back to the point,yes….i would definitely see myself as a lawyer 5 or 10 years from now.And the kind of lawyer that goes out for trials at court instead of sitting and wondering around in the dusty corner of the office as a legal officer(boring…uggghhh).Maybe,just maybe because i see myself as a person who’s easily bored and gets tired and restless with the same daily routine,same people,same work environment and nothing new.For,adventures and mischiveous is my absolute favourites in this whole world.I’m not your typical girl that will hang around and sits quietly at home or office and doing nothing exciting,instead i’m more of the type that’s outside of the box,the one that runs wild and free,flying without wings and there’s nothing that can hold me back.

So,yeah…My ultimate choice of work or job is a LAWYER.And that,ladies and gentleman is my final argument and i rest my case.For that is ‘Her’ that i wanted to be and searched for all this while.:)


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