Blasting aka Karinui

273673-1252-58 nature_wallpapers_moon-graceLet’s pick memories;

Let’s pick flowers;

I’ll raise a single flower to the darkness inside my chest;

And decorate it with beautiful memories..

At a dead end all the time;

I can never escape this cruel fate of mine;

So,i’ll let my sorrow ride with the birds in the sky and fly away..

This world is a blasting;

The eternity that binds my feet to the ground;

Whose going and returning passes by me is a dream..

The sun sets and hides the shadows;

Alone,i feel like crying;

The centre of my eyes that stained black will grow afraid..

I stayed away for a moment and wept;

For,this darkness has hold me back;

Forever trapped in this eternal blasting.


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