Next Stop,Happiness…

In this sad and cruel world,

where there’s pain and sufferings everywhere;

be it outside your door,or somewhere we dont know of;

tears are falling,

hearts are aching,

feelings are torned,

love is lost,

hope is gone,

faith is no longer exist,

memories are only left as memories,

words are just empty vessels of lies and more lies,


we are all looking for that one place,

where we can find our happiness again..

where could it be?;

that special place of ours,

no matter where it is,

we will find it eventually,

maybe not now,maybe not later,maybe not soon..

but as long as the sun shines and the moon comes out at night,

happiness is there for us,

waiting and hoping,

for us to find it,

the only thing i know right now is..

my next stop is HAPPINESS.


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